Anjelo Pizzo: Web Development Intern

Anjelo, is quickly becoming a key member of the FourFront team. He brings a unique blend of technical expertise and a passion for exploring new horizons. With a background in game development, he found his way into server development, driven by an insatiable curiosity and a desire to embrace fresh challenges.

Known for his adventurous spirit and love for pushing boundaries, Anjelo thrives on the thrill of trying new things. This zeal has not only broadened his skill set but has also added a touch of excitement to his approach towards problem-solving.

His journey began in the realm of game development, where he honed his creativity and gained a deep understanding of immersive experiences. It was during this time that Anjelo realized his appetite for delving into the intricate workings behind the scenes. This curiosity led him to embark on a path towards server development. When Anjelo is not busy working on servers you can find him gaming with his friends.

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