james finney: associate

James graduated from the University of Vermont in 2018 with a degree in Geography.

As a student, he studied G.I.S., climatology, and remote sensing in addition to geography’s softer, qualitative side. Learning to see problems through a geographic lens helped James understand the importance of evaluating information from all angles, and to consider the less obvious ways that patterns in data might emerge. 

In 2016, James was hired by the University’s spatial analysis lab to help in their production of land cover maps for large portions of the United States. There, he spent his time correcting computer-generated land classifications against aerial photographs and LiDAR data. While tedious, the experience taught James to be proud of his work and demonstrated to him how quickly a team can accomplish a task as enormous as reviewing every tree, building, body of water and impervious surface in the state of New Jersey.

For fun, James creates music with his friends, and plays shows wherever a bassist might be needed. He also has a passion for the visual arts and is fascinated with the elegant ways that information can be conveyed with the right visualization.

James Finney