Digital Visibility for an International Financial Institution

Gaining brand equity in a highly competitive market

The Client

International philanthropic organization that provides asset management and charitable giving allocation options for high net worth clients.

The Challenge

In a field dominated by a handful of very large, very well-known financial institutions , this client needed to gain significant visibility, both organically and through paid search, to firmly claim its ground as the largest independent provider of a particularly specialized philanthropic giving vehicle. In a highly competitive landscape, increasing brand awareness and building trust and authority were top priority. Furthermore, staying ahead of the competition was imperative to maintaining their preeminent positioning in a quickly expanding industry.

The Plan of Action

FourFront set its proprietary tools to continuously gather industry and consumer demand data. Through ongoing monitoring and analysis of the market intelligence we provided market trend information to the client along with website and business strategy recommendations. With this early trend detection, the client stayed ahead of the competition by understanding where the market was moving.

To prepare for the projected demand surge, FourFront implemented an ongoing organic optimization campaign. To better serve the market demand, We advised the client to optimize the site by adding key supporting content while reorganizing the website navigation. Because the website was then positioned to serve the market better than its competitors, it received top keyword ranking and preferred visibility. The site was advantageously positioned well ahead of the projected shift in user behavior and market demand. At the same time, we supported these organic optimization efforts with paid advertising campaigns, also guided by gathered market intelligence to promote the core offering as well as educate an expanded audience about the offering as an alternative to better known charitable giving options.

The Result

When market demand skyrocketed a few months later, the client had top keyword ranking and received a high level of trust and authority from search engines. The resulting gains in brand visibility lead to a substantial increase in demand for the client’s offerings.

Website traffic increased about 83% in each of the last 2 years since our engagement. The client is the top-ranking service provider in their market.

The organization continues to enjoy very high visibility in a market that has seen many competitors come and go. The client effectively competes with much larger organizations

Primary Keyword SERP Position over Time

SERP position over time chart

Monthly Sessions

monthly sessions