International Charitable Organization

We helped this client understand their audience, narrow their focus, and become thought leaders in a market with very powerful brand competitors.

The Challenge

An international charitable organization had low visibility for its primary offering: a giving vehicle targeted to high-net-worth individuals and their wealth advisors. The market was growing quickly and most of this organization’s competitors were large, well-known financial institutions. FourFront was hired to build trust and authority that would sustainably elevate brand awareness and yield top-level visibility.

The Solution

FourFront used our proprietary tools to continuously gather data on this organization’s industry and target audience. We provided them with market trend information as well as content and business strategy recommendations. We forecast a surge in demand and implemented an ongoing organic optimization campaign, including the addition of supporting content and a reorganized navigation. Finally, we supported all of these efforts with complementary paid advertising campaigns.

The Aftermath

The organization’s visibility rose quickly and steadily, culminating in number one positions on Google for the majority of their keywords. When market demand skyrocketed as predicted, the organization was able to leverage this visibility and build extremely high levels of trust and authority with search engines. This exponentially elevated brand awareness. In the last two years, this organization’s website traffic increased more than 80% (YOY).

Primary Keyword SERP Position over Time

SERP position over time chart

Monthly Sessions

monthly sessions