case study: remediation

Making a Website Penalty Situation Disappear

Industry: Information Security
Website Type/Size: Lead Generating/<10K Monthly Visitors
Services Performed: SEO + PPC Management

Remediation graphic on a computer screen

Where We Started

Our client needed to repair their website after it was penalized by Google. Their old SEO firm was using non-compliant tactics to artificially raise keyword ranking and drive traffic to the site. Google discovered these practices, penalized their site, and visibility decreased suddenly and severely. 

What We Did

We performed a backlink remediation and prepared a new, compliant visibility strategy. The first of these steps included formal requests for disavowal and reconsideration. The second started with a restructure of our client’s service offerings, based on profitability, that led to new site assets designed to support popular queries. It finished with a comprehensive redesign of their PPC program.

How We Helped

Our work removed Google’s penalty and provided record-setting levels of visibility. All of the new site assets were immediately productive and provided a foundation for future growth. Our PPC strategy increased lead volume, lead quality, lead conversion, and cost-per-conversion, despite a higher level of keyword competition.

pattern of ppc investment return

Trend line showing average annual impact

high quality organic Leads Generated

Trend line chart indicating upward trend
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