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The COVID-19 Pandemic

As the global crisis continues to unfold, we are not only concerned for the health and safety of our clients and partners but also committed to helping them cope by applying FourFront’s SEO resources and digital marketing expertise to their new set of business challenges. We created this page to publicize updates on our operations and initiatives. For now, there are three main things we want to share:

Operations are running smoothly.

We are lucky to be in a business that works well with remote operations. Still, we have added extra layers of internal communication and bolstered our tools and systems for both accuracy and security. So far, our customers have not experienced any disruption or delay in service. As a bonus, we have been able to monitor keyword search interest across all of our client accounts, identifying abnormalities or areas of high interest that have already proven useful in many cases.

We are providing our clients with pro-active research and reports.

Everyone on our team is looking for ways to provide situational value for our clients. They are conducting research on COVID-19’s impact to search patterns within several key industries. The findings will appear on our blog, like a recent post focused on higher education, and another on emerging markets based on search patterns. Our team is also creating ad hoc analytics reports that illustrate changes to traffic and conversions most likely caused by the pandemic. 

We are here if you need us.

If you have questions, concerns, or if there is any way you think we can help you, please contact us. You can also visit this page for updates on our resource- and information-building initiatives.


For the latest news and resources related to COVID-19, visit the CDC website.

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