Keyword Research Tools

Tools to help you find effective, targeted keywords for your SEO strategy.

Effective keywords are an integral part of your SEO strategy. Here are some tools to help aid in your keyword research.

  • Google Keyword Planner

    Keyword Planner is another Google tool to help users gather keyword information. Keyword Planner allows users to get information such as keyword suggestions, search volume, and traffic forecasts for different keywords.

    Keyword Planner is a free tool, but only available to users with an AdWords account. You can learn more about creating a Google Adwords account here.

  • Google Suggestions & Autocomplete

    It may not be a tool in the technical sense, but Google suggestions can provide insightful information based on root keywords. Simply type in your root keyword and Google will provide a dropdown menu of some of the search queries associated with your root keyword.

    You can also find other search keyword suggestions at the bottom of the SERP, usually found in a "Searches related to 'example keyword'" section.

  • Google Trends

    An often overlooked keyword tool, Google Trends breaks down keyword trends in multiple ways, including interest over time and geographically.

    Additionally, Google Trends provides a forecase for a search term based on past trends, as well as providing information on related searches and topics.

  • Keyword Tool (

    Best suited for long-tail keyword suggestions, Keyword Tool provides keyword suggestions to Google, YouTube, Bing, and the App Store. The free version only provides keyword suggestions based on a keyword, while the paid, full version also provides users with information regarding search volume, cost-per-click and keyword competition.

  • KW Finder

    KW Finder not only provides long-tail keyword suggestions based on your keywords, but it also provides information about keyword interest and competition.

    Although KW Finder offers a free version, there are paid subscription plans to allow for additional searches and additional keyword suggestions per search.

  • Soovle

    Soovle uses Google’s autocomplete function and takes it a step further by providing suggestions from other major search engines, including Bing, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Amazon, and YouTube.