SEO News & Blogs

Resources to keep you updated with the latest in SEO.

Stay up-to-date with the latest SEO news and updates. Here are some blogs to stay updated or to learn more about SEO strategy.

  • Google Webmaster Central Blog

    The official word on Google indexing and updates, Google’s Webmaster Central blog is a must-read for SEO. The official Google news blog provides information regarding the latest Google news, updates and tips for site webmasters.

  • Moz Blog

    The Moz Blog is focused on more of the “how-to’s” of SEO, providing SEO tips and advice for SEO professionals.

  • Search Engine Land

    Search Engine Land offers some of the most up-to-date SEO news. You can also find information about paid search, local search and social media marketing.

  • Search Engine Journal

    Using a variety of guest bloggers from around the industry, Search Engine Journal provides SEO news and best practices straight from other SEO professionals.

  • Search Engine Roundtable

    Search Engine Roundtable provides the latest news for Google, Bing and Yahoo, while also providing news for the SEO industry at large.

  • Search Engine Watch

    Search Engine Watch is another site to stay up-to-date with the latest in SEO, as well as providing tips for your own SEO strategy.

  • SEO by the Sea

    Written from a technical SEO perspective, SEO by the Sea provides in-depth discussions about how a search engine functions, and how this could affect your SEO strategy.

  • Whiteboard Friday

    In addition to their Moz Blog, Moz also hosts Whiteboard Friday, a weekly video blog breaking down various trending SEO topics and discussions. These short, easy-to-understand videos are perfect for SEO professionals looking to learn more about a given topic or those just beginning to learn SEO.