PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Services

Our targeted, optimized pay-per-click advertising campaigns return more quality leads.

Need to get more immediate results from your online marketing campaign? A PPC campaign can be a great way to both boost conversions on your website, as well as provide valuable data that can help drive your overall digital marketing strategy.

Paid advertising continues to rapidly expand and is becoming more and more competitive every day. This competition results in higher costs, not only in cost-per-click but also in the time required to effectively manage campaigns and stay on top of the never-ending changes to advertising platform functionality.

At FourFront, it is our mission to ensure your account is receiving the proper attention and management to yield the best results. We put our years of experience to work for you, improving the quality of traffic to your site which results in higher conversion rates and a stronger ROI.

Our PPC process includes:


Strategic alignment of your paid campaigns with your company and website objectives produces results that matter to you. We initiate every client engagement with a thorough review of your website, your market, and your competitors along with discussions around your objectives and the basis for paid advertising success. We then craft a cohesive strategy to align your paid advertising with your objectives, and we establish performance parameters to measure results.

Account Audit or New Account Setup

Keep the best and rework the rest! If there is an existing paid advertising account(s), we analyze the current structure and results to determine what is producing and what is not. The most effective campaigns are retained and optimized and the ineffective campaigns are revamped or discarded based on relevancy and potential. If there is no existing account, we create appropriate account(s) in your company name so the accounts are always yours - we never hold your accounts hostage.

Campaign Optimization

We believe that paid advertising works to the extent it is nurtured. A "set it and forget it" approach will yield forgettable results. We review and optimize every aspect of each campaign on a regular schedule. Our campaign analysis is driven by performance analytics both for that individual campaign and also for that campaign as a component of the overriding strategy and conversion objectives. Spend efficiency is never far from our minds.

Landing Page Review

First impressions matter! Where a visitor enters your site in relation to the search query is very impactful on their initial feelings of trust and relevance of your company and your product or service to their needs. Your PPC landing page needs to be clear, concise, convertible, and most importantly, highly relevant to the search. We review your website to find the best potential landing pages, make recommendations to optimize the pages for conversions and conduct split testing to test results. If appropriate, we will recommend new landing pages and can guide the development of those pages.

Analytics and Reporting

We never lose site of the fact that you are paying us for results. We work with you to determine the campaign KPIs and how results are measured. We review your analytics tagging and help you put the proper tracking in place to measure conversions. We then provide regular analytics dashboard reports that focus on key conversion factors and allow you to easily and quickly assess the performance of paid advertising efforts.

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