Anthony Lavadera: Lead Data Analyst

Master of data supply management. Innovative report designer. Macaroni & cheese aficionado.

Anthony is the Lead Data Analyst and head of the Analytics Department at FourFront. Equipped with a Master of Architecture degree and experience in diverse industries including mathematics, architecture, independent film, commercial design, and non-profit project design, he has developed a talent to solve a wide variety of problems from complex data analysis to home repairs. Anthony has also honed his analytical and research skills and cultivated a deep love for well-designed spreadsheets.

His endeavors at FourFront include managing data supply, maintaining proprietary systems and bots, and spearheading the redesign of client’s monthly analytics reports. Committed to continuous learning and embracing new coding languages and applications, Anthony stays current on the latest advancements in machine learning and AI. He skillfully manages a small department team, including mentorship of interns, and is a champion of diversity, unique learning styles, and the power of a perfectly timed dad joke. In line with his values, he has volunteered at Mighty Writers in Philadelphia, helping young minds sharpen their literary and creative prowess.

Outside of work, Anthony enjoys rock climbing, backcountry camping, illustrating, and meditating when time permits. But above all, Anthony is a dedicated husband and father, raising two young daughters with his flight and life companion, Eva, teaching them the importance of loving nature and respecting the mighty T-Rex. Anthony is also known for his mysterious methods of keeping greenery alive and thriving.

Anthony Lavadera
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