Enhance Your Location-Based Marketing ROI.

If you target highly specific territories or run digital marketing campaigns for multiple facilities, you may want more geographic data than what Google Analytics provides. That’s why we developed GeoReport+ (pronounced Geo Report Plus).

The creation of this tool stems from the demand we saw from numerous clients who needed a better way to analyze their digital campaigns across geographic locations. Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to understand whether or not the users reached with Google Ads are within the ideal target service region. This is especially true for brick and mortar stores–in the standard Google Analytics interface, it’s impossible to assess traffic by geography with respect to the distance from your physical store locations.

GeoReport+ enriches your Google Analytics and Google Ads data with more precise location information, allowing you to precisely detect user locations plus calculate the distance to your nearest store location. This tool gives you actionable insights to optimize your campaigns and improve your ROI.

How Does GeoReport+ Enhance My Marketing Data?

1. Assign Traffic to Your Locations

  • Assign every user, session, and conversion to one of your locations based on where the traffic originated geographically.
  • Customize the “in-range” distance that aligns with how far your audience is willing to travel.
  • View extended range metrics to see traffic and conversion trends just outside your target regions.
  • Assess traffic quality by analyzing your in-range and out-of-range metrics.

2. Traffic Distance from Stores

  • Segment your traffic by miles from location.
  • Customize the number of segments that fit your needs.
  • Identify expansion opportunities where you are getting traffic that is currently not served by a local store.
  • Overlay competitor locations for another layer of insights.
  • Identify the ideal distance your audience is willing to travel and align your campaigns accordingly.

3. Optimize Campaign ROI

  • Segment traffic and conversions by in-range/out-of-range.
  • Allocate more spend to campaigns that drive in-range traffic and conversions.
  • Identify waste and modify targeting or decrease spend for campaigns that drive non-converting or out-of-range traffic.
  • Optimize campaigns with low user-to-goal ratios or refine targeting to zones with highest conversion ratios.
  • Measure average distance to location by campaign.

4. Measure Trends Over Time

  • Visualize your data by store location in a line or bar chart.
  • Analyze trends to detect marketing impact, seasonality, and more.
  • Drilldown on specific locations.

Case Study: Validating Geographic Assumptions

Our multi-location clients invest heavily in digital advertising to support their local stores. See how GeoReport+ helped this industry-leading dealer of accessible vehicles understand a key assumption before creating and advertising a brand new national delivery program:


This national dealer of wheelchair vans was interested in creating and advertising a new delivery program that would target users located up to 100 miles outside of a physical store location. However, this distance was only an assumption not based on verifiable data.


Using GeoReport+, we set out to validate whether this geographic assumption regarding their target audience was correct. This analysis would ultimately determine whether the client launched this new program.

Strategy & Results

During the analysis phase, we discovered that the ideal radius for each physical store location varied based on nearby population density. Knowing this, we assigned an ideal target range for each store. As a result, the client was able to quantify their existing number of “in-range” customers and more accurately justify whether to launch the program.

How Does It Work?

GeoReport+ is a hosted solution that reads your GA data and enriches each record with customizable location information. The processed data can be viewed with our robust reporting interface, or we can set up a custom feed or API for your needs. You also have the option to download raw and filtered data directly to Excel.

GeoReport+ uses the location data provided by Google Analytics to mark your visitor and goal completion records with additional location tags. Each record can have 2 sets of tags:

  • A 5-digit ZIP code plus visitor distance from ZIP code center
  • Specific brick-and-mortar address plus visitor distance from location

For GeoReport+ to attribute GA records to specific brick-and-mortar locations, it is necessary to upload the street addresses of your locations and specify the distance of the service region around them. The system will attribute each GA record to your closest location. Records outside of your service region will be marked as “out of range.”

Additional Reports and Use Cases

Analyze data by state or zip code.

Analyze each marketing channel’s performance by location.

Identify top zip codes to target with direct mail and other geotargeted advertising campaigns.

Export PDFs and email to individual stores. (Coming Soon)

Are you ready to supercharge your geographic marketing data?

Why FourFront?

FourFront’s team of analysts, strategists, and technologists use data to help organizations get more business from the web. We are always pushing the envelope, including through the creation of innovative tools programmed by our CEO, Bob Scavilla. To increase our impact, we are pleased to now offer some of our internal tools directly to customers.

Learn more about Bob.

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