Local SEO Services

Local SEO Services

We are a top-rated SEO company and Google Certified Partner with over 10 years of experience providing local SEO services, including the development, testing, and implementation of custom strategies and tactics for companies of all types and sizes.

Our local SEO services are focused on getting your website visibility in your target regions. Our local SEO services help you better understand what your local customers are searching for, where they are searching from, and how to optimize your website and off-page digital assets to ensure your brand is front-and-center.

FourFront provides local SEO services for businesses of all sizes. Whether you have one location, or you have hundreds of locations across the country, our team of SEO experts are ready to provide a local SEO strategy to meet your needs.

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Some of the Brands That Trust Us to Manage Their Local SEO

FourFront has been providing local SEO services for business of all sizes across the country. Whether you have one location, or you have hundreds of locations across the country, our team of SEO experts are ready to provide a local SEO strategy to meet your needs.

Our Local SEO Services

At FourFront, we believe in a well-rounded SEO strategy – and local SEO is an essential part of your SEO strategy. Our local SEO services ensure your business has visibility in the areas surrounding your business’s physical location(s).

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Local SEO Audit​

We analyze and identify any issues – and opportunities – to grow your Local SEO presence.

Keyword Research + Local Strategy

We identify the keywords your users are searching for to find your brand, your products, and your services.

On-Page Optimization

We optimize your landing pages to rank for location-specific keywords.

Google Business Profile Optimization

We optimize your Google Business Profile to ensure it’s ready to be front-and-center when people in your local area search for your brand, products, and services.

Business Citation Listing Management

We look for inconsistencies in your brand and location information across the web.

Structured Data Strategy

We use structured data to ensure search engines understand where you’re located, the areas your business serves, and the type of customer your serve.

Our Comprehensive Local SEO Reports

We provide custom interactive dashboards that enable you to monitor and track the impact of Local SEO efforts in real time. Our monthly status reports provide detailed localized keyword rankings, traffic, reviews, phone calls, direction requests, and much more. Our proprietary technology tools also enable us to monitor and provide key insights and trends about which of your top competitors are gaining or losing visibility.

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Our ability to collect a wide range of rank data (including web results, ads, images, and local box impressions) allows us to gain insights based on your business goals. FourFront monitors your keyword rankings continuously, and takes necessary actions to improve or maintain your rankings.

Sample Chart of Google Business Profile Trends

We don’t just monitor visibility—we let you know how your Google Business Profile visibility converts into real engagement with your brand. Customers may use your Local Results to call, visit your website, find directions, and more.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is a vital part of any business’s online presence whether you have a small, medium, or multi-location business. If you want to have a successful website and digital marketing strategy, it’s essential for your website – or even websites – to rank in your local area. A strong Local SEO strategy helps people find your website – and even improves your in-store presence.

Local SEO is a part of your larger SEO strategy. Local SEO is search engine optimization for local search visibility for target keywords within your target geographic area. In other words, Local SEO is a hyper-focused SEO strategy making sure you achieve results within a target radius of your brick-and-mortar location(s).

In addition to basic SEO principles, Local SEO is also heavily influenced by Local SEO-specific ranking factors, including:

A strong Local SEO strategy utilizes a blend of various strategies to ensure you have visibility and strong Local SEO rankings, including:

Benefits of Local SEO

There are significant benefits to a strong Local SEO strategy. Whether you are a small business with one location or a national business with hundreds of storefronts, a Local SEO strategy makes sure you have visibility in your target locations.

A strong Local SEO strategy brings more targeted local traffic to your website – and has the potential to increase sales within your target geographic region. Additionally, a  Local SEO strategy brings:

The hallmarks of a successful Local SEO strategy also include:

Why Choose FourFront as Your SEO Agency

We are a top-rated SEO company and Google Certified Partner with over ten years of experience in the field of search engine optimization. In those 10 years, local SEO was introduced and then evolved countless times over. FourFront has had the opportunity to study each evolution and develop advanced strategies for optimizing your footprint and effectiveness in the most modern iterations of the local search results.

Our team includes researchers and analysts who leverage data science techniques as well as communicators and report engineers who excel at coordinating, visualizing, and presenting data. We have applied our expert skillset to service clients in a wide variety of industries including healthcare, higher education, home services, financial institutions, and many more.

We are based 100% in the US, primarily working in the greater Philadelphia area. We’ve been leveraging data for over 12 years in order to improve our clients’ digital marketing, operations, and other business strategies.

  • Data extraction customized to your needs. We work with you to understand exactly what your business needs are before creating a bot to collect all the data you need.
  • Reliable experience. Our team of engineers and data scientists have over 30 years of experience developing bots. We have a reliable data infrastructure to help produce high quality data solutions.
  • More than just data providers. FourFront has been a trusted digital marketing and analytics partner to brands across the country & around the world for over 12 years.
  • Subscription and enrichment opportunities. We offer ongoing data feeds and APIs to easily integrate our data into your cloud-based applications. We also offer predictive analytics and other analysis services to maximize the value of your data.

Our Areas of Expertise

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Keyword Research

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Competitor Analysis

Google Business Profile Management

Business Listing Management

Schema Audit and Optimization

Reputation Management

FourFront's Local SEO Method

Local Audit

We conduct a thorough audit of your current local search presence. This will include a local keyword crawl that determines any current organic visibility in local searches, which can include the map pack, the knowledge bar, and more SERP segments outside of a traditional organic listing.

Reputation Analysis

We analyze the status of your business’s online reputation, including monitoring and analyzing reviews and social media. We identify positive elements to leverage in marketing and identify potential points of concern to address with current and future customers.

Develop Local SEO Strategy

Once we have obtained a thorough understanding of your search presence and your online reputation, we create an actionable set of recommendations that your team can begin to apply right away. Our strategies are based on proven local SEO tactics, all with the goal of improving your visibility in local searches and generating interaction from your target user.

Measure Results

When the strategy has been implemented, we develop a comprehensive report through our in-house Analytics team to measure the impact of the strategy and determine the precise effectiveness of our recommendations.


Local SEO continues to evolve and grow, and the user search intent may change over time as well. We work with your team to study the impact of local search and continually discover new opportunities for you to drive more visibility and conversions to your website from your local target user.

How Much Does Local SEO Cost?

The cost of local SEO varies depending on the size of your business and the number of locations you have across the country. Consider Local SEO an investment in your success – it’s important to ensure your business has local visibility as users search for your brand, products, and services.

Tips for Choosing the Best Local SEO Company

There are many agencies out there who provide Local SEO services, but you should remain cautious when choosing the right agency for your business’ needs. Instead of partnering with an SEO agency that makes false promises on top rankings and spikes in organic traffic, look for agencies that:

Local SEO FAQs

Local SEO focuses on making sure your website and your business listings are visible to users in your local area. A strong local SEO strategy helps increase your qualified website traffic – and can even improve your in-store visits.

Like any SEO campaign, there are no guarantees – and any SEO telling you otherwise is not worth engaging with. SEO is an everchanging industry, and results can never be guaranteed. A strong local SEO strategy is also flexible; we strategize, implement, monitor, and evolve our strategies based on current results. 

Local citations are publications of your essential business information online. They show the name, address, and phone number of your business and live in a vast ecosystem of websites, apps, and maps, including popular destinations like Google Maps, social networks such as Facebook, and local online business directories like Foursquare, Waze, and Yelp. There are also industry and geo-specific citations as well. FourFront continuously monitors and updates your business information on existing listings and finds new relevant sites that improve your local presence.

Check the health of your online business information with our free listings scan.

The quality and relevance of your content determines how well your website ranks. Analyzing and optimizing content to match audience interests is one of our core competencies. We can work with your team to identify localized content ideas, research and provide content outlines, or provide recommendations to improve existing content.

Reviews are how most consumers determine the quality of your products and services. Since reviews help to build your online reputation, search engines use them as a key factor in local search rankings and evaluating the trustworthiness of your business. In addition to evaluating reputation, we can help you set up a system to collect new reviews and configure notifications to monitor and respond in a timely manner.

Schema markup are codes that are added to websites to help search engines understand and easily extract certain types of data for indexing. Using schema for local SEO lets search engines know details about your products, services, and target service areas. Search engines also use this data to create rich snippets for your business that will help you stand out from your competitors.

It's time to take your digital strategy to the next level.

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