In today’s digital age, managing and analyzing vast volumes of web content can be overwhelming.

Enter the Stela Web Content Inventory System – a powerful tool designed for precision and scale.

Stela is an innovative application designed to streamline digital governance across expansive enterprises.

This system empowers professionals like you with interactive visualizations, smart categorization, and detailed content inventory reports spanning all of your website domains, powered by advanced Natural Language Processing algorithms.

FourFront’s commitment is to provide data-driven solutions that elevate our clients’ operations. Stela is an embodiment of this promise, delivering transformative benefits to users.

With Stela, you not only have the power of Natural Language Processing at your fingertips, you also leverage the expertise of a team of data analytics pioneers.

How Does Stela Enhance My Content Analysis?

Comprehensive Content Analysis

Stela offers a multifaceted approach to content analysis. Whether you wish to dissect content at the domain level, have a broad overview across enterprise domains, or delve into individual queries, Stela has you covered.

Stela’s dashboard is your command center. Export data, dive into various filters, or deep dive into supporting metrics—all from a user-friendly interface.

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Actionable Reports & Insights

Transform raw data into actionable insights with Stela’s suite of reports:

  • Cross-Domain Content – Learn how content across websites compares using relevance scores. This is a great resource for organizations that want to consolidate sites!
  • Content Analysis – such as content clusters and categories, enterprise keyword relevancy, and more.
  • Content Import – Stela’s processing and indexing capabilities allow you to analyze HTML files as well as Excel, Word, PPT, and PDF files.
  • Website and Content Metrics – Analyze key metrics for your pages, including metrics you can’t see in Google Analytics such as in-link reports and content readability scores.
  • Facet Drill-Down – You can easily dive into data for each website, as well as search by keyword.
  • Content Inventory – Get a comprehensive view of content across your enterprise with the ability to index your content regardless of brand, website, or language.

Intelligent Components

Stela is built on several technologically-advanced components:

  • The FFBot: Acting as our web crawler, it methodically gathers content from designated websites, breaking it down into digestible components.
  • Preprocessor: Once FFBot completes its task, the preprocessor takes over. Responsible for fine-tuning the content, the preprocessor performs tasks such as separating main content or translating text into English. It even calculates reading metrics.
  • Indexing System: A crucial component, Stela’s indexing system facilitates seamless content search, filtering, and dynamic content clustering.





Use Cases & Applications

Enterprise Digital Governance Overhaul

For sprawling corporations with a vast digital footprint, Stela offers a cohesive content management solution. Manage and unify content across multiple domains to ensure brand consistency and a synchronized digital strategy. Stela is ideal for businesses aiming for seamless content governance.

Quality Assurance & Compliance Monitoring

Whether you’re a publisher, agency, or any content-driven entity, ensuring content quality is paramount. Stela provides rigorous checks for readability, spelling, and grammar, ensuring each piece of content meets the highest standards and aligns with compliance guidelines.

Multilingual Content Management

Navigating the global digital landscape? Stela simplifies multilingual content management, translating and aligning non-English text for coherent communication. This solution is perfect for multinational enterprises and platforms targeting a global audience.

Research & Data Extraction

For analysts, researchers, and data enthusiasts, Stela streamlines online data collection. Harness sophisticated NLP algorithms and a powerful indexing system to gather, categorize, and analyze relevant web data, making research endeavors more efficient and insightful.

Ready to level up your content management with Stela?

About FourFront

For over a decade, FourFront has been a beacon in the analytics landscape. Our expertise spans multiple analytics disciplines, ensuring that our tools, like Stela, are always at the cutting edge of innovation.

We built Stela and other tools for our in-house use and then we heard from many customers that they could benefit from using our tools directly. To increase our impact and empower you, we are pleased to offer our tools like Stela directly to customers.

Our CEO, Bob, is the visionary behind these innovations. He’s the tech wizard spearheading the creation of FourFront’s suite of proprietary tools. 

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