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Content strategy is a vital element of SEO, as it often produces the most direct and measurable results for a business’ website. The content on your site is still one of the most important factors to improving your organic visibility and driving new users to your website. With that said, organic search has become incredibly competitive in most industries, so in order to obtain that potential visibility you need a comprehensive content strategy before you begin writing.

FourFront will develop a focused plan that aligns your business goals with specific and measurable marketing objectives. Our content tactics are proven to provide measurable results for our clients, and we are constantly studying search trends and improving our methods. Your site content should be:

  • Accurate to your business and your services
  • Relevant and useful for the target user
  • Optimized to rank for your target keywords
Are you ready to align your content efforts to reach your business goals?

Some of the Brands That Trust Us to Manage Their Content Strategy

FourFront has provided content strategy services for our clients for over a decade, studying and innovating as search requirements continue to change. Our content department is composed of SEO specialists that also work as leads for our clients, aligning daily experience in the SEO industry with unique experience in the field of web content. Our content department is structured in a way that allows us to deliver campaigns responsively and at the scale your website requires.

The SEO Benefits of Content Strategy

There are many benefits to an SEO content strategy that extend beyond the individual pages that are directly worked on. The immediate results include:

  • Improved ranking for target keywords
  • Increased organic visibility for target pages
  • Increased conversions from target pages

Long-term benefits of a content strategy that extend across the entire site include:

  • Influx of new users navigating through the site
  • Improved user experience that can be implemented across the site
  • Strengthened reputation and trust from target users who were satisfied by the initial content
  • Strengthened domain authority by search engines
  • Emphasis on the brand personality conveyed on the site
  • Effectiveness informs the ongoing SEO strategy at large

Our Content Strategy Services

Whether you are building a whole new website or making targeted web page updates, we make sure your content is based on superior keyword research and competitor analysis. The components of our Content Strategy service identify key content gaps and opportunities. If needed, we inventory and organize your content as well as optimize your navigation and page structures. Ultimately, our Content Strategy service helps you create useful and engaging content that ranks well on search engines.

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Keyword Gap Analysis

A keyword gap analysis is often one of the first steps we complete during the creation of a content strategy. The wide-ranging universe of keywords related to a given focal point is examined, identifying areas where there are gaps that can be filled with a content strategy. These gaps are often where the site does not rank at all. However, the gaps could also include keywords where the site nearly ranks on page 1 thereby providing the opportunity to leverage these “striking distance” keywords with a focused content strategy.

Information Architecture

An information architecture is employed primarily when a website could use an optimized site structure and content organization. We will determine where the new pages should sit in the overall organization of the site and identify additional improvements to aid in the user experience.

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Audience Interest Analysis

Audience search patterns and related search volume are what we consider audience interest. An analysis of these items reveals which high-value queries should be addressed through a content strategy, whether that means new pages, new sections to pages, or improvements upon existing content.

Competitor Research

In addition to using organic keyword research to identify relevant opportunities, we also conduct research on the topics for which the top peer competitors are doing well. The objective of this research is to study what is working well in the eyes of the search engines and devise a content strategy to best leverage our findings.

Why Choose FourFront as Your Content Strategy Agency

FourFront has worked over a decade in the field of SEO, expanding from a small-scale boutique agency to an SEO and analytics company that works with enterprise-level clients from many different industries. Our work in the field of content strategy has delivered proven results from financial services giants to global manufacturing companies and beyond.

Our combination of SEO and analytics expertise works hand-in-hand to ensure that our SEO services are grounded in a foundation of analytics and our analytics are tailored to the SEO needs of our clients. Our data-driven approach provides us with the unique ability to develop custom plans for our clients by making deliberate choices along the way based on the data we are closely tracking.

FourFront's Content Strategy Method

Opportunity Analysis

An opportunity analysis reviews current visibility and potential in the market to pinpoint the best content opportunities on your website. The end result can help guide the content strategy moving forward.

Content Research

Content research incorporates keyword research, competitor research, and a UX assessment to determine what should be included in the final content. This research directly informs the creation of content outlines and eventually the writing of content.

Outlines and Wireframes

Content outlines serve as a structured list of recommendations for the content writer, so they can best respond to all user needs determined by our research. We include information on which topics to address in detail, the page structure with heading recommendations, and any visual assets that should be incorporated or optimized on the page.

Content Optimization

Written content is reviewed and optimized using our proprietary content scoring tools to measure the SEO impact of the content. These tools reflect how search engines are reading and interpreting the content, allowing us to tweak the content to ensure it scores favorably compared to top-ranking peers.

Post-Launch Analysis

A post-launch analysis is conducted after the content has been published, typically several weeks after publication, and then ongoing from that point forward. This analysis  reviews the immediate effect as well as long-term progression of organic visibility to ensure the content strategy is successful.

Content Strategy FAQs

A content strategy should:

  1. Begin with thorough and strategic research
  2. From there, outline a set of content requirements to ensure that the content will be responding to all user needs and search requirements determined by the research
  3. Enforce content production with the outline and research heavily incorporated
  4. Optimize the written content so it is best addressing user needs and utilizing target keywords
  5. Analyze the published content regularly to measure effectiveness

User experience is highly important to any SEO content strategy. A responsive and engaging UX design is a primary factor for the Google ranking algorithm and directly impacts keyword rankings. Likewise, good UX impacts the second step after a user has clicked to your site from a search engine. Upon arrival, it is important to provide a well-designed page that responds to a visitor’s needs and is easy to use for their purposes.

Elements like page structure and visual assets should be considered strategically and factored into your content recommendations.

Content strategy fees are highly dependent on the current performance of the website versus business objectives, the extent of existing content and its relevancy to the target audience requirements, the competitiveness of the target keywords, and the domain strength of competitors who have visibility for those keywords. Based on these factors as well as the resources of your team, we work closely with you to align our services to your needs so together we positively impact your business results.

Duplicate content can be damaging both internally and externally. Internal duplicate content can confuse search engines and dilute the visibility of both pages. Meanwhile, content that is measurably duplicative of external content can be penalized and result in a complete loss of ranking.

Done well, content marketing is proven to work. It is the best method for communicating your company and product value to your target user. Strong web content will elevate your brand and lead to measurable improvement across your business, helping you reach the goals and objectives that matter most to your bottom line.

Optimized content begins with research and extends beyond publication. The essential steps include:

  • Research keywords
  • Research users
  • Organize page structure
  • Respond to user needs concisely and effectively
  • Include visual assets when applicable
  • Link across your site and to reputable sources
  • Manage keyword density so you aren’t overusing or under-utilizing your target keyword
  • Analyze the effectiveness of the published content

The analysis of content is a crucial step for any content strategy. Analyzing site productivity will determine what content should be preserved, optimized, or removed altogether. In addition, post-launch analysis is the only way to confirm the effectiveness of your strategy and improve where needed.

While content automation does have its place in certain situations to improve work efficiency, one of our content specialists will be supplying recommendations and reviewing the written content in those instances. We have found that completely automated content often lacks brand personality and does not respond to user needs in a comprehensive manner. Furthermore, Google has outlined AI generated content as going against its Webmaster Guidelines, which means it can lead to severe ranking penalties. A personal touch grounded in research has proven to provide more engaging and useful results than independent content automation.

It's time to take your digital strategy to the next level.

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