case study: keyword rank

Outmaneuvering Powerful Competitors

Industry: Financial Services
Website Type/Size: Non-Lead Generating/>10K Monthly Visitors
Services Performed: SEO, PPC, and Analytics

Ranking graphic on a computer screen

Where We Started

Our client was fighting for visibility in a market with several well-known brands. They did not appear on the first page of search results for any of the top keywords related to their primary offering. Meanwhile, the market for this offering was exploding, creating tremendous opportunity. FourFront was hired to build trust and authority, sustainably elevate brand awareness, and produce top-level visibility on a limited budget.

What We Did

We provided business intelligence that informed a brand new website strategy and gathered and analyzed market data that ultimately revealed a new strategic path. We helped our client develop a website that supported this path with new content, a reorganized navigation, and complementary paid advertising campaigns.

How We Helped

Our work helped them outperform the giants. Their website’s visibility rose quickly and steadily, culminating in number one positions on Google for most of their top keywords. As their market continued to grow, they were able to leverage this visibility and dramatically raise brand share. 

ranking progress for top keyword

Graph illustrating an upward trend

traffic progress by user session

Graph illustrating upward trend
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