Free Custom DataSETS for Nonprofits

FourFront regularly produces free datasets that enrich and enlighten our communities, and we’re now offering this as a free service and collaboration opportunity for nonprofits.

Leveraging custom dataset creation is a powerful way to advance your mission. By utilizing customized datasets or data stories, you can demonstrate your impact, be a thought leader in your space, and help your team and others make informed decisions.

We have limited collaboration spots available in the coming months.

Contact us today to express interest and start a conversation about how to advance your work with data!

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How Can Custom Datasets Help Your Organization?

  • Highlight unique information that impacts your mission
  • Tell compelling stories backed by data and evidence
  • Facilitate informed-decision making and showcase the key issues and/or impact areas of your organization
  • Create an evergreen web resource that will attract a wide audience and boost your website authority
  • Predict future trends and forecast future events and outcomes

Data is crucial to driving impact in today’s world. Statistics and other information around education, the environment, health, and many other topics are critical for raising awareness and affecting change in the world.

Once we decide to collaborate on a topic, FourFront’s data specialists will work with your team to conceive a dataset idea that best meets your needs and aligns with our skills. We might focus on exploring how an impact metric is performing, collecting information about community needs, highlighting legislative intelligence, enriching a dataset that already exists in your space, or something else entirely.


Explore our datasets library to get a better sense of some of the datasets we’ve created so far, or jump into these samples:

Explore how to use data to enhance your impact.

Who Are Our Ideal Partners?

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We would like to work with charitably-minded organizations that are making an impact on the world or the local community. We are particularly interested in environmental impact, health, and wellness, but we envision working with a wide variety of organizations.

How It Works

Our expertise and suite of proprietary tools allow us to collect, clean, combine, analyze and enrich data from public and private data sources to create new datasets.

Here are the essential steps of a custom dataset project:


A meeting between your team and ours, to discuss what data will be most helpful to enhancing your mission or current strategy.


Our team will scour the internet for new data we can collect or existing data we can use or enrich. In this stage, we can also evaluate data you may already have available.

Analysis and Enhancement

This is where the real magic happens. Our team will do the work to turn the selected data into something new and aligned with the project’s goals. This often includes data cleaning, additional analysis, and several rounds of internal QA.


Our team and yours will review the completed datasets together and ensure that it meets the high standards and goals of all parties involved.

Create Data Story

Turning data into a narrative is a critical step in making this work connect with a wider audience. Our experts in SEO, writing, and data visualization can assist in creating a clear and user-friendly piece of content for your website.


Now it’s time to get the data out into the world. Your team and ours will help promote the results of the project, and we ask for FourFront to be cited as your data provider.

Who We Are

FourFront is an award-winning agency based in the greater Philadelphia area. We focus on using data to help our clients grow their businesses and enhance their online presence.

Our custom data solutions team includes researchers and analysts who leverage data science techniques as well as content writers and report engineers who excel at visualizing and presenting data. 

We apply our expert skillset to help clients in a wide variety of industries including healthcare, higher education, finance, non-profit, and more.

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