Carolyn Krokus: Former Colleague

Carolyn was a member of our team in 2024 as an SEO Specialist.

Carolyn navigates the world (and the web) with a blend of wit, wisdom, and wonder.

Carolyn is a dynamic SEO specialist with a rich background in Digital PR. She began her career mastering link acquisition and effectively building relevant referring domains for clients, quickly moving into the ever-evolving SEO landscape.

With a keen eye for simplifying complex SEO puzzles, Carolyn excels at transforming challenging scenarios into actionable, purpose-driven strategies. She always starts with the critical question of “Why?” to ensure every strategy is meaningful and directly supports clients’ business goals.

A true team player, Carolyn values collaboration and responsibility in her approach to work. Her talents extend beyond SEO; she is also a spin instructor, has taught English in China, and enjoys exploring the finest Indian cuisine.

Carolyn stands out for her dedication to educating clients, aligning her SEO insights with their overarching business objectives. She is passionate about sharing SEO best practices and crafting customized strategies that enhance each client’s digital footprint.

Advanced in link acquisition and digital PR, adept at simplifying complex SEO challenges, and skilled in creating strategies that resonate with client business goals.

Carolyn excels in enhancing client SEO through targeted link building and effective digital PR strategies. She directly impacts clients’ SEO positioning by crafting and executing plans that drive meaningful traffic and improve domain authority.

Carolyn’s approach has led to noticeable improvements in search rankings and online visibility for clients, demonstrating her ability to translate SEO challenges into actionable strategies. Her background enriches her SEO work, adding depth to her strategies and fostering client understanding and integration of SEO within their broader business goals.

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