Chase Kalishek: Marketing Intern

Meet Chase Kalishek, a passionate marketing enthusiast with an innate talent for decoding data and predicting future trends. As a recent graduate from The Pennsylvania State University, where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Marketing with a focus in real estate, Chase brings a unique blend of analytical prowess and strategic marketing insights to his role as Marketing Intern at Fourfront.

Originally embarking on a journey towards a Mathematics degree, Chase’s keen sense for numbers and data eventually led him to the realm of business and marketing, where his skill set flourished. By combining his passion for mathematics with his marketing expertise, Chase has been instrumental in making data-driven decisions that yield remarkable results.

With strong analytical skills honed through work experiences, including collaborating with Amazon Consulting and contributing to the successful launch of USFL on Fox Sports, Chase has become adept at gathering and interpreting valuable insights from data. His previous accomplishments also extend to the ecommerce space, where he grew a business from scratch, providing him with invaluable knowledge and a drive for continuous learning.

Outside the office, you can find Chase engaged in a variety of activities, reflecting his athletic nature and adventurous spirit. From playing soccer, a sport he has consistently pursued throughout his life, to indulging in snowboarding and real estate investing, Chase embraces new challenges with enthusiasm. His love for travel and exploration further complements his analytical mind, broadening his cultural horizons and inspiring fresh perspectives.

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