Jared Groff: SEO Manager

Jared has a passion for combining data with SEO strategy to uncover new opportunities and unlock potential.

Jared was an analyst at FourFront for several years before leaving to explore the west coast and work as the Lead SEO strategist for a San Diego-based agency. Lucky for us, he recently moved back east and rejoined the FourFront family as our SEO Manager. He has extensive experience with SEO strategy execution, report design/creation, and social media strategy. He is also well-versed in speaking “SEO” and enjoys working with clients to create winning strategies. Jared has worked on websites of all shapes and sizes,  including ones with millions of pages. He has crafted and led SEO strategies for a wide variety of industries, including higher education, healthcare, real estate, and traditional e-commerce.

Jared is a Temple University graduate with a degree in Communications. When he’s not chasing Google’s latest news and updates, you can find Jared at the ballpark (temporarily, he is represented by his cardboard cutout) or in the midst of a never-ending quest for delicious foods.

Jared Groff, SEO Manager at FourFront

Articles Written by Jared

Keyword Stuffing & SEO

Keyword Stuffing & SEO

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How Hidden Content Impacts SEO

Updated: Apr 26, 2019 With so many ways of presenting content on a website, it’s important to know exactly how your presentation is going to affect your SEO. Ironically, one

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6 SEO Tips for your WordPress Site

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