Up with the Sun and Over-caffeinated: Because morning energy is just a coffee cup away!

Meet Kait, our awesome SEO Associate at FourFront. Being the early riser, Kait claims the title of the first employee on the West Coast up before the sun even thinks of peeking out.

Before diving into the world of SEO, Kait was a research investigator at a private investigation firm and even worked as a group therapist in a men’s prison. Yep, you read that right! Kait’s knack for research has been a game-changer in their switch to digital marketing.

Kait graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Criminal Justice & Criminology. But that’s not all—Kait’s also a pet parent to three adorable fur babies: two cats named Ivee and Butternut, and a dog named Karma. When they’re not busy with
work or spoiling their pets, Kait loves searching for cool stuff at thrift stores, trying to take care of a bunch of houseplants- and sometimes succeeding, spending time outdoors, and trying out the best local restaurants.

As a non-binary transmasculine person, Kait brings a fresh perspective to our team. They’re all about making the digital marketing world more inclusive and diverse. Kait’s on a mission to level the playing field and give everyone a voice online, one keyword at a time.

Foundational knowledge in SEO, including on-page and off-page optimization, keyword research, and content optimization. Familiarity with Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

As an SEO Associate at FourFront, Kait contributes to the team by applying their growing knowledge of SEO practices to enhance the search engine visibility of client websites. Their work involves conducting keyword research, assisting in content optimization efforts, and utilizing Google Analytics and Google Search Console to monitor website performance. Kait’s role is pivotal in supporting the SEO team’s strategies, ensuring that tasks are executed with attention to detail and a keen willingness to learn and adapt.

 Kait’s involvement in SEO projects has supported improvements in client website rankings and user engagement. Their eagerness to learn and apply SEO principles, combined with analytical skills, helps in implementing effective optimization strategies. Kait’s contributions are valued for their role in supporting the team’s efforts to meet and exceed client expectations. Their dedication to professional growth and understanding of SEO fundamentals positions them as an aspiring talent within the FourFront team.

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