Shannon Ward: Office & Project Administrator

There’s an office rumor that Shannon might actually be Gritty. They’ve never been seen in a room at the same time.

Meet Shannon – not only is she a reliable and optimistic professional, she is also a staunch supporter of the right to vote. Shannon graduated from Temple University with a degree in Criminal Justice and has experience providing mid- to senior-level administrative support for state government operations and private-sector businesses.

Before joining FourFront in 2021, Shannon worked for a digital marketing company in Central Pennsylvania. Since joining FourFront, she has taken on project coordination and administration, bringing her organizational skills and detail orientation to the team. She is excited to be part of the FourFront family and brings her unique perspective and skills to every project she works on.

Shannon is passionate about advocating for the rights of those impacted by felony disenfranchisement. She believes that everyone deserves a voice in shaping their community and is committed to making sure that those who have served their time have the opportunity to be heard.

When Shannon isn’t busy keeping FourFront running smoothly, she enjoys indulging her sweet tooth with baking, following her favorite fantasy football team, listening to true crime podcasts, and tending to her extensive collection of houseplants. Her creative side shines through in her presentation design work and her curious fascination with Gritty, the beloved mascot of the Philadelphia Flyers.

Creativity and Innovation, Employee Relations, Event Coordination, Administrative Support.

Shannon serves as the backbone of the office environment, facilitating smooth operations through her role in employee relations and administrative support. She is the go-to person for organizing company events and managing project logistics, ensuring that team members have everything they need to succeed. Her innovative approach to problem-solving and event planning enhances the workplace atmosphere and supports the company’s culture

Shannon’s contributions as an Office + Project Administrator are invaluable. Her efforts in coordinating team donation drives and annual outings have significantly boosted team morale and fostered a sense of community within the company. Her creativity and dedication to innovation are evident in her approach to administrative challenges, making her an indispensable part of the team.

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