Our Difference

There are four things that make us different from other data science companies.


Our Toolbox

We build and use intelligent information-gathering tools. Our custom search bots are trained to gather data about a market or industry while also maintaining a contextual focus on a client’s business objectives. Over time, our bots become unique experts in a given field. They acquire facts and identify data sources. They yield qualitative information on things like market sentiment, decision criteria, and behavioral preferences. And to complement these search bots, we have built custom support tools that provide actionable recommendations, content requirements/examples, and website design/collateral guidance.


Our People

We have a great team at FourFront, but the most important thing is why we think they’re great. We seek out diverse individuals with high levels of curiosity and creativity. Before someone joins FourFront, they must demonstrate a natural instinct for solving problems and a bold approach that embraces the calculated risk. More than anything, we need our team to keep us out in front of the rapidly growing and changing field of data science.


Our Method

We apply a rigorous, holistic method to all of our work. At the beginning of every task, project, or retained engagement, we focus on outcomes. Along the way, we redefine our assumptions and success metrics based on what we learned at each step. This holistic method ensures that all potential data sources are both explored and exploited. It guides the deployment of our tools and makes use of their output, which yields deeply nuanced insight about a target audience and shortens the time required to achieve results.


Our Commitment

Our operating culture demands goal achievement and exceptional client service. Driven, competitive people founded FourFront. They also developed a culture in which no one is completely satisfied by beating the competition. Instead, we seek to provide actionable insight and a level of service that cannot be found elsewhere. At FourFront, we take great pride in immersing ourselves in a client’s business, anticipating needs, and delivering results that continually exceed expectations.

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