Product: Core Web Vitals Audit Report

Align your website with Google’s UX-focused algorithm change.

Core Web Vitals Audit Report

  • A Comprehensive Audit
    Quickly identify issues across your site that you can’t see with Google’s free tools. Don’t wait for slow, page-by-page reports.
  • Actionable Insights 
    Receive your website performance report in an easy-to-use format with page-level and code-level insights.
  • Prioritized Action Items
    Filter your report to the most important and wide-ranging issues so your developers know which tasks to work on first. 

Introductory Offer – $750*

*For the first 1,000 pages

Is your website aligned with core web vitals? 

In the summer of 2021, Google launched an important algorithm update, introducing Core Web Vitals and significantly increasing the impact of user experience (UX) on search performance. To benefit from this update, you need to make sure your website meets all of the latest thresholds.

Our Core Web Vitals report will help you align your website by identifying trouble spots and recommending specific corrective action. We use our technology to provide you with a comprehensive task list for your entire website. To replicate our report using Google’s free tools, you would need to test each page individually.

Google algorithm update image, with servers and a laptop

What's included in the Core Web Vitals Audit Report?

Our website performance audit report provides page-level data pertaining to all Core Web Vitals. It also provides remedial recommendations for every metric with a score of “Needs Improvement” or “Poor.” The report is designed for your development team and can be used to quickly resolve potential issues. Here is how our Core Web Vitals Audit Report is structured:

Infographic comparing LCP, FID and CLS, in terms of the criteria for good, needs improvement, and poor
A Report Summary

A consolidated view of your website’s performance in all three Core Web Vitals categories: Largest Contentful Paint, First Input Delay, and Cumulative Layout Shift.

Individual Page Scores

Precise audit values for every web page’s Core Web Vitals, ranked by performance (from worst to best) and color coded to show alignment with Google thresholds.

A sample of the report, with links organized by good, needs improvement and poor
A sample of the report. You can filter by LCP, FID and CLS, and you can break the data down by URL, title and the actual snippet.
Remedial recommendations

Pivot tables that provide your web development team with code snippets for the problematic URL.

What are the Core Web Vitals metrics? Why are they so important?

Google has created three foundational metrics it will use to measure UX (page experience) on indexed webpages. These new metrics are called Core Web Vitals and as a group, they represent the first phase of Google’s next big algorithm update. Core Web Vitals cover three major aspects of user experience: Loading, Interactivity, and Visual Stability. In Google’s words, they “apply to all web pages, should be measured by all web owners, and will be surfaced across all Google tools.”

Understanding how Core Web Vitals apply to your website is the first and best step toward mitigating (or taking advantage of) SEO impact. According to a recent study, a small percentage (<15%) of existing websites would meet the minimum threshold for all three Core Web Vitals. That means early action will be the key to maintaining rank, visibility, and traffic, especially for large websites.

Loading, the length of time for interactive


Length Of Time For Main Content To Load

Interactivity, with a finger interacting with a page


Time Delay Created By First User Input

Visual stability, represented by a balancing scale

Visual Stability

Relative frequency of unintentional layout shifts

Why FourFront?

We are a top-rated SEO company and Google Certified Partner with over ten years of experience helping a wide range of clients improve website performance. Our team includes researchers and analysts who leverage data science techniques as well as communicators and report engineers who excel at coordinating, visualizing, and presenting data.

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Introductory Offer – $750*

*For the first 1,000 pages

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