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FourFront offers WCAG compliance services that ensure that your website’s content is in line with all standards set by the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Our complex system of site-crawling tools perform a comprehensive audit of your entire site and will detect all instances of non-compliance, while our team of specialists will determine the best next steps to align your website with current accessibility standards.


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What is Web Content Accessibility?

Web content accessibility is the approach of ensuring that your website is easy to access and use for all visitors, despite any kind of disabilities related to vision or physical impairments. Accessibility is primarily a User Experience (UX) exercise, with an additional significant impact on SEO. The universal accessibility of your website is an important SEO element as well, in the sense that any obvious conflicts with WCAG and ADA guidelines will detract from your site’s overall user experience which can lead to a loss in organic search visibility.

All websites are now required to be ADA compliant. Over the past several years, ADA-related website litigation has increased dramatically, causing business owners to take steps that ensure their websites and mobile apps are accessible to disabled users. For this reason, FourFront developed an ADA testing system that robotically checks all your website’s pages for ADA, WCAG 2.0, and Section 508 web accessibility standards. Our WCAG compliance services also provide a detailed compliance report with a summary of all identified errors, code snippets of their exact location, and what is necessary to remediate the issue.

List of common issues found in ADA compliance audits.

Some of the Brands That Trust Us to Manage Their WCAG Compliance

FourFront has provided WCAG Compliance services for businesses of all sizes and industry types. Our multidisciplinary team has the expertise and background to align any website with the accessibility standards set by WCAG.

Our WCAG Compliance Audit Services

Detailed Remediation Report

Our analytics department and team of SEO specialists collaborate to provide a detailed report detailing all of the accessibility issues found on your site and how to correct them so that your site aligns with current WCAG standards.

Impact Analysis

Once all recommendations have been considered and corrected, our analytics department will provide a follow-up report that measures the long-term impact of any and all corrections. While some changes are more proactive than reactive and thus will not have clear impact, in more severe instances clients can see immediate positive effects of the remediation work.

ADA Compliance Badge

Upon completion of our analyses, FourFront provides all our clients with a badge to showcase that their site has been tested for ADA compliance. This badge can be embedded into the HTML code of any page to let users know you’re keeping up-to-date on best practices for accessibility.

Branded logo for FourFront's ADA compliance audit badge.

Case Study: Setting Legal Standards

If your website does not conform with current WCAG standards, then you run the risk of having legal action taken against you. Learn how we helped one of our automotive clients overcome a lawsuit by leveraging the findings from our WCAG audit:


This well-known dealer of wheelchair vans was sued for an alleged lack of ADA compliance functionality on their website.


Using our WCAG compliance audit, we set out to help the client identify major compliance issues on their website and how to remediate those identified issues.

Strategy & Results

By implementing the findings from our report, the client was able to achieve an acceptable compliance rate and avoided any further action from the lawsuit. To this day, this client still relies on our WCAG compliance audit regularly to ensure their website is up-to-date on current accessibility standards.

WCAG Compliance Service Plans


Our basic plan is ideal for websites that contain under 1,000 pages. We provide a hybrid solution in which our proprietary crawling technology performs the audit, and our team of UX specialists review the issues found to provide specific recommendations for remediation.

Starting At

$1,000 – $2,500


We offer customized packages for websites that exceed 1,000 pages. Similar to the basic plan, our team will perform a sitewide ADA audit using proprietary crawling technology. Afterward, our team of UX specialists will conduct a more thorough review. Due to a higher volume of pages, the full process will take longer to complete as we determine the specific recommendations that will benefit your site.

Custom Pricing Based on Website Size

Why Choose FourFront as Your WCAG Compliance Agency

FourFront is a top-rated SEO company and Google Certified Partner with over ten years of experience helping a wide range of clients make their websites accessible to help avoid legal risks. We understand the impact of ADA compliance in today’s digital world, and we help find the best balance between accessibility and user experience. Our team of analysts use advanced web-crawling technology to determine all potential conflicts, and our team of SEO and UX specialists identify the best steps for aligning with accessibility guidelines.

FourFront's WCAG Compliance Audit Method

Conduct Sitewide Audit to Detect Accessibility Issues

A comprehensive sitewide audit is generated using proprietary site crawling technology, reviewing all pages for instances that conflict with current WCAG compliance standards. The crawl checks for issues related to UX of the website and its technical environment found in the HTML code.

Compile Findings

The detailed findings are collected and organized so there is a clear structure of findings.

Prioritize Issues

The different findings are then prioritized so that a plan can be set that addresses each concern in order of importance.

Generate Detailed Report with Findings and Remediation Guidance

All data and analysis are then organized into a client-facing report with step-by-step instructions for remediating all concerns.

WCAG Compliance FAQs

WCAG and ADA are very similar in terms of their focus on establishing standards for web accessibility. They differ in their natures: ADA is the civil rights law stating that electronic information must be inclusive of all physical disabilities, whereas WCAG is the specific set of guidelines to ensure that websites align with that law.

There are several criteria that govern ADA compliance. In simple terms, websites need to have a logical structure and understandable content. They also need to accommodate all forms of assistive technology.

In more detailed terms, the ADA uses a standard set of guidelines to measure website compliance. They are known as WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) which change and evolve with the dynamic state of online technology.

The best way to understand your website’s level of compliance is to perform a comprehensive ADA audit and continue to perform periodic checks to ensure the site remains compliant with new standards and technologies.

WCAG compliance is important from a risk management perspective, as websites could run into legal trouble if they don’t comply with the standards. At the same time, there is a separate benefit in that anyone with disabilities will be able to browse and interact with your website. In addition, the step of making your website as accessible as possible has a general UX benefit for all users.


To meet ADA requirements, all websites need to be compliant with WCAG standards, but government websites in particular have an additional emphasis in terms of these expectations.

Web accessibility is directly related to SEO in that websites will be penalized by Google if they don’t align with accessibility standards. From a more abstract perspective, aligning with all WCAG standards will generally make your website more user-friendly, which is an important ranking factor.

The process is quick and simple. All we need is a link to your home page and we can have our system test your entire site for ADA compliance. Depending on the number of pages, the test is usually complete within a few days. This time frame may be longer for very large websites. Once the test is complete you receive an email with a link to the compliance report. This report can be sent directly to your developer for remediation.

At the bare minimum, you should ensure that your website is not egregiously out of compliance with WCAG standards. For example, an egregious issue would be that the text color is difficult to read because it is small or the color is too similar to the background. A less egregious issue that wouldn’t be as much of a priority would be that the heading elements in the HTML are not sequenced in proper order. Prioritization of remediation efforts is provided as a part of our audit report.

WCAG guidelines are meant to align with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), so if you don’t comply with WCAG you are technically breaking the law. In extreme cases of non-compliance, websites can be sued and face lawsuits or fines as large as $25,000 or more.

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