Ben Pearl: SEO Specialist

Ben achieves peak SEO serotonin when aligning meaningful user experiences with the “why” behind complicated data.

Ben’s approach to SEO always starts with the age-old question: “Why?”. He enjoys the challenge of breaking down large problems into snackable pieces that are easier to understand for those around him. Because in a world full of big data, who doesn’t love some simplicity every now and again?

At FourFront, Ben has made huge strides learning the ins-and-outs of digital marketing. From SEO to UX and everything in between, Ben never shies away from learning something new to add to his tool belt. Currently, he his diving into the world of data visualization to bring his passion of finding the “why” behind big data to life.

As a team member, Ben brings a strong sense of accountability and teamwork that he developed while playing soccer throughout his childhood. He takes pride in supporting the bright minds at FourFront to make sure the team is achieving their best. Speaking of pride, Ben is also proud to be FourFront’s sole Delawarean! So proud, in fact, that he’s adopted “Delaware” as his nickname around the team.

When he is not keeping up on the latest game-changing SEO trends, Mr. Delaware enjoys going on adventurous hikes with his Australian Shepherd, pretending to be a scratch golfer, and kickin’ it with the Sons of Ben (no affiliation) to cheer on the Philadelphia Union at Subaru Park.

Advanced SEO knowledge, including on-page and off-page optimization, keyword research, and content strategy. Proficient in SEO strategy, competitor analysis, user experience (UX), digital marketing, and data visualization.

Ben is integral to developing and refining SEO and digital marketing strategies, focusing on incorporating feedback for continuous improvement. He is adept at using data visualization to unveil and emphasize key insights, which play a crucial role in the success of the company’s large clients. Ben’s dedication to adapting and enhancing strategies based on detailed analysis is a testament to his expertise.

With his role as an SEO Specialist, Ben has significantly contributed to the strategic successes of FourFront’s major clients. His certifications in Google Ads Display, Google Ads Search, Google Analytics, and Google Ads Video highlight his extensive knowledge and skill set in the digital marketing field. Ben is particularly proud of his work on projects that involve dynamic content integration and the creation of predictive models for SEO. His background in Marketing from the University of Delaware and his experience as a soccer player have instilled in him a profound sense of teamwork and accountability, making him a valuable asset to both the team and clients.

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