Bob Scavilla

Partner, CEO at FourFront

Bob Scavilla

After more than 30 years in the fields of technology and business, Bob’s breadth of expertise encompasses programming, software engineering, marketing, product development, and business solutions.

From a young age, Bob has had a passion for software engineering and development. In 1982, when it was difficult to find classes or degrees in computer science, Bob taught himself how to program. For the next 15 years he learned many facets of technology, including networking, programming, software architecture, applications development and business management.

Bob’s talent for matching clients’ business objectives with process and product solutions landed him a senior role in marketing. He spent several years traveling internationally as Director of Marketing and Product Development for a variety of software companies.

In 1999, Bob founded a software development company and took its helm as lead developer. His projects included a real-time probability calculator for commodities trading, a real-time flight data recording system, a time tracking and management program for a Fortune 500 company, web site usage reporting software, and SEO modeling and forecasting systems.

Realizing that SEO was an ideal application for his technological, marketing, business, and math aptitudes, Bob founded an analytics company in 2010. Today he leads FourFront’s efforts in web analytics, business intelligence and SEO.