Ben Swofford: Product & UX Strategist

Ben is at his best when creating user-friendly digital solutions or learning something new (fortunately, these two things often go hand in hand).

Ben’s problem-solving approach is a blend of analysis and creativity. He loves to analyze the details of a given situation, and use UX or design-thinking approaches to identify relationships and opportunities to create solutions that work for all stakeholders.

At FourFront, Ben is always learning something new. This has often led to spearheading impactful projects such as Idea Factory, an internal forum to promote innovation, and Team Productivity Meetings, which have fostered a strong work culture while generating fresh ideas to improve the team. Ben has also spent several years leading the pro bono relationship with locally-based nonprofit Rise First, and even joined their advisory board in 2023. Currently, he is working on UX and product development strategies for new service offerings.

Ben has a passion for connecting with the community and facilitating connections between people of similar interests. He previously served on the board of PhillyCHI, a local UX community group, and believes that authentic, non-transactional networking can be a beautiful thing!

When not working, Ben loves traveling and exploring new cultures with his wife, Ramune. He enjoys films, books, coffee, brushing his cat, and slowly learning to garden at his community garden plot.

Articles Written by Ben


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