case study: VISIBILITY

Expanding Visibility by Adding New Website Assets

Industry: International Financial Services
Website Type/Size: Non-Lead Generating/<10K Monthly Visitors
Services Performed: Search Engine Optimization

Market visibility graphic on a computer screen

Where We Started

Our international client was planning a site re-launch with a full web design overhaul. Their site had existing visibility, but there were opportunities for them to expand this visibility by adding new assets and optimizing their key landing pages during the re-design. FourFront was tasked with identifying these new opportunities and providing a strategy to take advantage of search patterns.

What We Did

We used our proprietary tools to analyze the target audience’s decision journey and the client’s top web competitors. The site needed to address the audience’s search patterns in a logical manner, so an Information Architecture was recommended in order to fulfill the audience’s needs. We also provided content outlines and wireframes for key landing pages on the new site, and a redirect map to ensure a smooth transition.

How We Helped

The new site launched in May 2019, and site traffic experienced a slight decline initially, which is common during a re-design. 2020 has experienced 32% year-over-year growth through the month of October. One of the site’s new landing pages is responsible for a noteworthy portion of Organic Traffic, and overall the site is on a healthy trajectory.

Organic Visits to New Landing Page

Line chart showing 145% increase over 18 months

Total Organic Users

Bar chart showing 138% increase in organic users over 3 quarters
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