case study: return on investment

Transforming a Website from Liability to Lead Generator

Industry: Document Handling
Website Type/Size: Lead Generating/<10K Monthly Visitors
Services Performed: SEO + PPC Management

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Where We Started

Our client needed to build awareness from nothing. They had a basic website with very little content beyond a list of services. As a result, search engines did not trust their site, organic visibility was low, and visitors were unable to find enough information to become customers.

What We Did

We created a local visibility strategy. It was focused on communities that provided the best opportunity for our client to gain market share. We also helped them develop new content that would raise trust and authority as well as serve potential customers in their decision-making process.

How We Helped

Our work increased lead performance enough to expand the company. The company’s organic visibility increased by more than 100%. Quality leads and conversions also increased by an order of magnitude. As a result, the company expanded its service area and invested in additional fixed assets to keep up with demand.

Monthly organic visitors

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