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While there are many facets to a good SEO strategy, the most valuable component in terms of the search engines and the user is the content itself. At FourFront, our content department generates content recommendations with strategic insights, and the content is then written to its unique specifications.

Effective content should:

  • Communicate the message clearly
  • Provide unique value to the user
  • Stand out among the competition

It is easier than ever to create content through various online tools and AI technology. That is precisely why it is more important than ever to have content that is unique and strong. Good content will put you at the top of search results for your target keywords, and will satisfy your user’s needs once they arrive on the page. Content is an essential component of every digital marketing strategy.

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Some of the Brands That Trust Us with Their Content Writing

Over the last 12 years, FourFront has evolved and expanded its services to include intensive data science and analytics, PPC, and content creation. As a full-service digital marketing agency, we combine our unique expertise and data-centric approach to ensure that your written content addresses all user needs and potential talking points that may appeal to the user and search engines alike.

What is Content Writing?

Content writing begins before any words are written. A strong foundation of research is built through keyword research, competitor research, and various audits such as E-E-A-T and UX. When it is time to begin writing, our content specialists incorporate advanced SEO expertise to ensure the content is designed with purpose. The content should be concise, easy to read, and should have something entirely original to say on the topic.

From a user experience (UX) perspective, the content should flow clearly for the user, while also fulfilling all strategic goals in the most effective manner possible. The user should be able to navigate logically and smoothly through the page, as well as be guided toward the most important conversion points or next steps.

SEO Content Writing vs. SEO Content Marketing

Some may get content writing confused with content marketing, which is understandable considering the similarities between the two. With that said, there are striking and important differences.

Content marketing can be understood as the macro-level strategizing around the use of content. This can include the creation of new content, but can also include tactics such as information architecture, link strategy and the use of other marketing channels such as social media and paid advertising.

Content writing, on the other hand, is the specific act of crafting content to exist on a web page. Content marketing establishes the strategy, whereas content writing puts that strategy into motion.

Why Choose FourFront as Your Content Writing Services Agency?

FourFront is a top-rated SEO company and Google Certified Partner with over a decade of expertise in SEO and content writing. As search engine technology and the digital marketing landscape have progressed, FourFront has adapted and evolved. We are positioned to offer services that are more agile and forward-thinking than many of our competitors.

Our team includes a content department with several employees dedicated primarily to the process of content creation. This includes content researchers, outline creators, as well as content optimizers who review written content for publication. We also have established relationships with content writers through various third-party sources, and when relevant our team has the capability to write the content ourselves. As an example, all service pages on our website (including this one) were written by members of the content department at FourFront.

We place special emphasis on quality assurance. It is our priority to ensure the content is original and strong, with the best opportunity to rank well for target keywords and satisfy user needs. Additionally, we run all content through a duplicate content checker to confirm that it is entirely unique.

Content Writing Service Plans

Service plans for content writing are structured to best suit the differing needs of our clients. In a scenario where we manage the writing of a client’s blog, for example, we would establish a calendar and schedule, and each post would have a set rate. For more advanced cases requiring content strategies, the rate would depend on the volume of content and scope of work.

A La Carte

We offer content writing as an a la carte service, allowing you to pick and choose from our offerings to best fits your needs.

Custom Pricing to Fit Your Needs

Standard Package

A standard package includes three primary content offerings: content strategy with page recommendations, content outlines for each page, and optimization of all written content.

Custom Pricing to Fit Your Needs​

Complete Package

The complete package includes all SEO elements of a content requirement, including  full keyword research, SEO wireframes, and a linking strategy.

Custom Pricing to Fit Your Needs​

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Types of Pages Serviced

FourFront has thorough experience writing many different web page types. Since each page type serves a unique purpose, we have developed individualized content approaches. Furthermore, we specialize in optimizing landing pages of all sorts including:

Service Pages

Graph on a computer screen

Home Pages

Target Icon

Blog Posts

Promotional Pages

FourFront's Content Writing Method

While it is important to create content that is SEO friendly, it is just as important to make the content clear and persuasive. Our Content Writing service provides both. We start with outlines that are based on superior keyword and competitor research. Once these outlines are approved, we work with writers who are not only familiar with your industry but also skilled at maintaining the voice and personality of your brand.

Review All Background Research

Prior to the writing of the content, FourFront develops initial content research and creates a content outline that guides the writing process.

Asset Recommendations

Assets include any interactive or visual elements on the page, which can range from videos to buttons and interactive tables or infographics. Our team will recommend the creation of visual content based on content research and the type of page being optimized.

Content Draft

Content is written according to the outline and content research. The primary goal of the initial draft is to respond to all user needs in the most effective and concise means possible.

Link Recommendations

Once the content has been written, we review it for linking opportunities. Internal links direct users to other important pages on the site, and external links direct users to authoritative sources when applicable.

Navigation Recommendations

Another important element of the page is navigation, and when relevant, we will recommend changes to on-page navigation and side navigation.

Meta Data

Meta data includes the URL, page title and meta description. While Google has taken liberties with the customization of meta data, it is still important to supply the ideal optimized content for page title and meta descriptions.

Duplicate Content Review

Before any content is sent for final review, it is scanned through a duplicate content checker to confirm that all content is entirely unique.

Our Tools

Part of what makes us unique at FourFront is our access to proprietary tools in conjunction with industry-leading SEO tools. It’s our unique research process using these various tools that makes our content approach state-of-the-art.

Our proprietary keyword tool analyzes target keywords in detail, establishing an entire landscape of the SERP and all accompanying details. This aids in our content process by providing all secondary points of emphasis that should be included in the content, as well as the primary messaging that would address the user needs directly.

Various third-party keyword research tools help to build a universe of keywords that form the foundation of our target keywords. This universe reveals additional talking points to address, as well as any elements of secondary pages that could be included in a content strategy.

Our content optimization tool, named The Terms Tool, is used to calculate an estimated “optimization score” from the perspective of a search engine. While not an exact measurement of SEO effectiveness, this tool offers a close perspective of how a search engine will read through the content.

We use a plagiarism checker on all written content to ensure there are no instances of duplicate content. This is an instrumental step in the quality assurance phase before content is sent to a client.

There are many more tools that are used throughout the content writing phrase. Each tool incorporates different technology to provide a unique insight into the creation of content.

Content Writing FAQs

Writing with SEO in mind is crucial for many reasons. The most obvious benefit is that there is a higher likelihood of ranking on the search engines for your target keywords. By writing with that purpose, we are also creating content that will serve the needs of the user more effectively, reach more audiences, and convert at a higher level. In addition, the optimized content serves as a strengthening agent for your brand as a whole.

There are risks and advantages to third-party content writing, just as there are risks and advantages to in-house content writing. The largest risk is a lack of brand voice and a disconnect with the strategic goals of the business. Through initial meetings with the client, we can ensure that all necessary context is included. In addition, a round of final reviews validates that written content is in alignment with the goals of the brand.

The benefits of content writing are that you can create content without putting overwhelming stress on the allocation of your team. In addition, you will be working with specialists who have unique experience in the field of SEO and content creation, whereas your team may not have the same level of experience or time and resources to create content at the scale you may be hoping for.

Our service plans vary depending on the needs of the client. Paying per page is one option, but if a long-term subscription model works best for you that is also a common option.

Yes, our content department is just one component of FourFront. Our team of researchers, analysts and team leads can create various deliverables related to SEO. This includes a comprehensive SEO Design strategy that can inform recommendations on entire websites or individual focal points.

It's time to take your digital strategy to the next level.

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