Craig Whitney: Former Colleague

Craig was a member of the FourFront team as a Senior Content Strategist from 2017 to 2024.

Like George Washington crossing the Delaware, Craig fearlessly navigates the ever-changing waters of content marketing.

Craig is a seasoned member of the FourFront team with a diverse background that spans copywriting, SEO, and web development. Craig graduated from Temple University with a degree in Copywriting and was first exposed to FourFront and the field of SEO as an intern.  

At FourFront, Craig approaches problem-solving with a focus on user satisfaction. He believes that everything done on a website should be geared towards improving the user’s experience. This dedication to user satisfaction, combined with his technical expertise and creative flair, makes Craig an invaluable member of the FourFront team.

Craig’s experience and talent have been instrumental in the successful execution of some of the company’s most challenging content projects. His notable accomplishments include developing a comprehensive content strategy for a new state-of-the-art medical procedure, establishing a client’s authority on COVID through comprehensive, thoroughly researched articles, and re-building an information architecture and URL structure for an entire university website.

When he is not tackling complex projects, Craig enjoys indulging in his hobbies which include basketball and playing guitar and piano with his wife and kids. Additionally, Craig is a big American History buff, with a particular interest in the Revolutionary War period. He’s been known to read 1,000-page biographies for pleasure and is always eager to learn more about this fascinating period in American history.

Articles Written by Craig


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Emerging Markets Based on Search Patterns

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Craig Whitney
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