Analytics & Reporting

Our SEO analysis and customized reports provide valuable insight into your website's performance and growth opportunities.

As user behavior changes and search engine algorithms adapt, it's important to keep a close eye on your site's performance. We use commercial and proprietary tools to track key metrics including search engine results, site traffic, and conversions. We continuously analyze your data to identify successes and place for improvement to ensure your site is not only ahead of the curve but outperforming the competition.

Our Analytics & Reporting Services include:

Analytics Set-Up & Review

Setting up your analytics tools properly is paramount to understanding your site's true performance. We review your current accounts or set up new ones to accurately track all of your key metrics in the following:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console (formerly known as Webmaster Tools)
  • Proprietary tools incorporating additional data sources
  • Key metrics tagging
  • Customization to include your sales and growth data

Predictive Analytics

We don't just look at your website's historical performance, we predict what's going to happen next.

Using cutting-edge predictive analytics, we can provide useful decision-making support for both your website and your business. We take into account, market potential, cost for acquiring market share, historical performance to assess your business's opportunities and risks. By calculating the impact of market trends and determining market strengths and weaknesses of the competitive landscape for individual industries, we help clients make better, more informed decisions across the board to capitalize on existing and new opportunities.

Learn more about the importance of Market Intelligence & SEO.

Fully Customized Analytics Reporting

Every month we provide you with customized, detailed reports showing where your site was and where it's going. We identify successes and points of improvement in a variety of performance areas. These reports track your progress and inform future strategy. Each report is tailor-made to show you the key points of interest for your site in an easy and actionable format.

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