Custom Data Analytics & Reporting

Turn raw data and your web analytics into meaningful and actionable business insights.

It’s crucial to understand whether or not your website is meeting its potential. The amount of qualified traffic your website should receive is dependent on many factors, including market trends and fluctuations in the competitive landscape. Our customized reporting and SEO analysis provides deep insights that will help you align your company’s values and market requirements with your website. Our aim is to identify growth opportunities that will position your business for the future.

FourFront’s team of analysts and data scientists excel at finding and blending data sources to produce unique insights into your market. We go beyond website analytics by blending other data into business-transforming reports using the latest commercial tools, technologies, and our own proprietary applications. This allows us to collect new data, uncover market trends, and track, measure and analyze key website metrics including search visibility, productive traffic to your site, and conversions. By continuously analyzing trends to identify successes and areas for improvement, we ensure your marketing budget yields the best benefit.

Our Approach

Data science is the foundation of FourFront. We are constantly developing our own intelligent tools for the collection, blending and mining of information from big data and relational data sources to produce rich analytics customized to your needs. A deep understanding of search engineering and the ability to build custom search applications allows our team to uncover insights into your market and keep track of the changes that could affect your business.

If you want the best performance for your website, our custom web analytics service will provide the optimal foundation for an effective digital strategy. In order to build a successful web presence, it is important to understand your website’s past, current and potential performance, as well as its place within the context of your market. That’s why each report we produce is fully customized to each client’s industry and business goals.

In addition to a hyper-focus on measurable success, we also forecast what's going to happen next. Using cutting-edge predictive analytics, we can provide useful decision-making support for both your website and your business. We look at market potential, cost for acquiring market share, and historical performance to assess your business's opportunities and risks. By calculating the impact of market trends and determining market strengths and weaknesses of the competitive landscape for individual industries, we help clients make better, more informed decisions across the board to capitalize on existing and new opportunities. Learn more about the importance of Market Intelligence & SEO.

Analytics Service Packages

During the onboarding process, we will review your current accounts and/or set up new ones to accurately track all of your site’s key metrics. This typically includes:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console (formerly known as Webmaster Tools)
  • Our proprietary tools incorporating additional data sources
  • Key metrics tagging
  • Customization to include your sales and growth data

There is no typical partnership at FourFront. Each client is given the attention they need, and each report is tailor-made to show you the key points of interest for your site in an easy and actionable format. Clients also choose between three levels of analytics support, depending on the needs of the business:

Level 1: Google Analytics Reporting

  • Options include monthly reporting, quarterly reporting, baseline reports and more.
  • FourFront gathers & analyzes GA data to track KPI progress, tie web activity to business goals, set future objectives, and project future trends.

Level 2: Google Analytics + Other Unique Data

  • FourFront can combine and analyze GA with other business data supplied by the client, including backend data, sales data, CRM information, and more.

Level 3: Custom Analytics Reporting

  • For custom analytics projects, FourFront sets up systems to acquire data that the client cannot supply or does not have access to. We write custom bots with specific capabilities, then blend unstructured, semi-structured, and/or relational data to produce customized, business-transforming reports.
  • Custom Analytics may be used on a project basis or we can setup recurring/scheduled reports.

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