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How to Track Branded and Non-Branded Traffic in Google Analytics

Google Analytics

This post features information for the current Google Analytics platform configuration, Universal Analytics. Check out our recently-published Google Analytics 4 Guide to learn more about the latest version of Google Analytics.

How do you determine how much of your traffic from Google search is branded or non-branded traffic? Or how much of your traffic from Google search comes from a specific query? We can do this by looking into Google Analytics.

Follow these steps to determine Branded Traffic to your:
1. Log into Google Analytics
2. Navigate to Acquisitions > Search Console > Queries

3. Select Time frame
4. Identify all potential variations and forms of your brand name for the report. Use the advanced filter to include brand terms with regular expressions. See this article about using regular expressions to filter report data.

This method is one way you can measure brand awareness using Google search data.

Follow these steps to determine Non-Branded Traffic to your site :
Repeat steps 1 to 4
5. Using Advanced Filters and exclude Branded queries.

With this data you can determine how much of your search traffic is branded and non-branded which can be used for implementing effective internet marketing campaigns.

Note: Your Google Account should be linked to your Search Console account. To link link Search Console data to Google Analytics, click here.

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