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Settling in to our New (and Historically Significant) Neighborhood

FourFront Team Settling in to their New Headquarters
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    A couple of weeks ago, we celebrated our first full year in FourFront’s new office space. As a pioneer tenant in the Wayne Junction Historical District Renovation Project, we are just starting to look back fondly at all of the jack hammering, power outages, and construction obstacles. One of these moments—when a car decided to ignore a pothole barricade, right in front of our security camera—is now an office classic (see the below video). All of it represents an incredible sign of growth for the Germantown community we chose to make our home. We are extremely proud to be part of its history and even more excited to be part of its future.

    Every day, we are eye witnesses to a neighborhood’s evolution. The Historical Church located next door to us, has been put under conservatorship for a possible rehabilitation. What used to be an empty building next to us, will soon become Attic Brewery and Deke’s Bar-B-Que. And when they open for business in the next several weeks, the team at FourFront plans to be their first official customers. We have also become friends with our neighbors across the street, who have been in this community for over a century. They are the Wayne Mills Company, a family-owned textile mill, who kindly allowed us to use their parking lot when our own was compromised by electrical crews and vehicles. Even more graciously, they hired us to provide them with SEO services. We have never felt more welcome and we will not let them down. The Wayne Junction Historical District Renovation If you are interested in knowing more about the progress of this important project, check out our social media channels, where we will be regularly posting updates and photos.

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