Digital Marketing Strategy

Using detailed research and expert analysis, we create a road map for increasing your site's visibility and your ROI.

Our team of digital marketing strategists and analysts focus on identifying opportunities for generating targeted high-value traffic through paid and organic search. We perform a thorough review of your current visibility, audience, market, and competition to uncover methods to enhance your site and overall web presence. We use these insights to create a custom digital strategy to improve your online visibility and increase conversions.

Our Digital Marketing Strategy Includes:

Initial Site Assessment

An initial site assessment determines how your site measures up to search engine best practices as well as how it compares to your online peers. We evaluate all the signals a search engine considers when deciding whether to put your site on page 1, giving us a benchmark for improvement.

  • Backlink profile
  • Traffic reports
  • Index health
  • Keyword visibility
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Social media presence

Market Research

We dive into your market online to learn who your target audience is, how they work, and what drives them. We learn about fluctuations in your market as well as holes where opportunities for your business may lie.

  • Target audience identification
  • Audience behavior analysis
  • Seasonal trends
  • Geographic trends

Search Pattern Analysis

Once we know who we’re dealing with, we learn the steps they take to get what they want. We uncover the patterns in their searches and their behavior to discover the most intuitive and effective ways they find things online.

  • Search query analysis
  • SERP analysis
  • Traffic funnel identification

Keyword Research

We dig even deeper into your audience’s behavior by researching and analyzing the specific words and phrases they use to find products and services like yours. We find out what kind of keywords your competition is using and whether short, long-tail, localized, or other keyword groupings are the most successful targets for your content.

  • Root and long-tail keyword analysis
  • Keyword competition analysis

Competitive Analysis

Your biggest competition may not be your online competition. We determine who in your market is competing in your space and how they got there. We identify your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses to find the gaps where your business can grow.

  • Top market competitors
  • Top web competitors
  • Successful peer assets

Market Approach

We combine our quantitative data and qualitative analysis to create a customized digital visibility strategy for your business. We describe how your site is currently performing, how it ought to be performing, and steps that we can take to get you there. Our strategy is a roadmap for improving your site’s user experience and search engine visibility, which can ultimately increase site traffic and your bottom line.

  • Technical site analysis
  • On-page improvements
  • Off-page improvements
  • Content recommendations
  • Social media recommendations
  • Paid advertising opportunities
  • Additional customized strategic steps