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We provide market research services to businesses of all types and sizes. Market research is the process of collecting and analyzing data specific to a market, industry, or target audience. Market research is an integral part of your business’ marketing strategy and overall growth.

Our approach to market research helps your business stay on top of industry trends, monitor changes in user behavior patterns, and find new digital opportunities.

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Our Market Research Services

Market Trend Research

We research and analyze the various trends associated with your target audience. We aim to better understand short-term and long-term trends to strategically target your prospective customers.

Site Performance Analysis

We analyze the current performance of your website to ensure it’s the front-end marketing tool your business needs. This is how we start determining your site’s potential.

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Current Keyword Performance

We evaluate your website’s keyword performance and its visibility in organic search. We uncover which keywords are bringing users to your website, where your website shows up in search results, and what content is drawing users into your website.

Audience Segmentation

We segment your audience based on numerous factors, including demographics, device type, conversion stage, and more. This allows us to view the behavior of various segments and the impact it has on your website’s performance. These insights allow us to strategize the best way to optimize your website to improve conversions.

Competitor Analysis

We “deep-dive” into your competitors’ websites and provide you with meaningful insights to ensure you’re staying ahead of your competition.

Market Research Service Plans

All of our Market Research services are customized to meet your needs and provide you with the information you require. You’ll have access to our multi-disciplined team of experts, including strategists, researchers, analysts, and web developers to understand your market.

A La Carte

Have a specific deliverable you’re looking for? We offer our market research services a la carte, allowing you to pick and choose from our full suite of market research deliverables to best meet your requirements.

Custom Pricing Based on Deliverables

Bundled Market Approach

Looking for the full suite of market research services? We offer a full-service, bundled package (called the Market Approach) that includes all of our market research deliverables in one.

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Why Choose FourFront as Your Market Research Agency

Our Market Research is produced by a team spanning multiple areas of expertise to provide you with meaningful and actionable insights.

At FourFront, we are committed to your success. We tailor our market research to uncover and identify information about your target audience and market that will have a meaningful, positive impact on the growth of your business. Whether it’s analyzing industry trends, reviewing your current digital performance, or investigating user behavior patterns, our custom projects are built to get the information you need for your business to succeed.

FourFront's Market Research Method

Segment Audience

We start by segmenting your audience into unique groups. This helps us identify the various audiences your website should be directly targeting in your digital marketing strategies.

Define Audience Characteristics and Interests

We identify the characteristics and interests that make your audience unique. What are they searching for online? What content are they consuming? How are they intending to engage with a brand like yours?

Analyze Market Trends

We identify search trends of your target audience and analyze those trends. This helps us understand where the market is and predict where it’s going.

Benchmark Current Performance

We aggregate and analyze the data from your digital marketing properties to see how your brand is hitting your targets and where it may not be reaching its full potential.

Analyze The Competition

We analyze the top competition for your brand to understand how they’re reaching and engaging with the target audience. We find strategies to be aware of, recommend specific adjustments to implement in your digital strategies, and pinpoint strategies that will put you ahead of your competition.

Create A Winning Strategy

We create a comprehensive, winning strategy based on our findings. Our strategy is delivered directly to your team with a roadmap of immediate next steps to put your brand on top.


Market Research FAQs

We provide market researches for all businesses. We understand the value of market research for any business, regardless of industry, type, or size. We also understand the impact market research has on any business, and that’s why we work with you to customize our market research to provide you with the insights you need.

Market research focuses on better understanding and analyzing a specific market or target audience. Industry research is broader; it focuses on gathering and analyzing information specific to an industry or a sector.

The length of time to complete market research varies drastically based on the objective and depth of the project. There are several factors that impact the length of time to completion, including: size of the market, methods used, and level of detail, among others.

Our market research can provide meaningful insights to any aspect of your business. Our market research can uncover insights about your existing customers and help identify your business’ potential.

Yes, market research typically includes competitor analysis. Understanding your business’ competitive landscape is crucial for understanding your strengths and weaknesses relative to your competitors. At FourFront, we specialize in unlocking meaningful insights about your competitor’s digital presence so you can stay one step ahead of the curve.

Market research can provide a plethora of actionable information regarding your closest competitors, such as how much traffic their website is generating, which digital channels they use to target consumers, and what kind of content marketing strategies they utilize. Our market research service identifies all of this information and more, and packages it all into understandable insights your business can deploy right away.

Yes, market research can provide insights about your customers that you wouldn’t know about otherwise. This includes their unique search behavior, preferred digital channels, device preferences, and buying habits. By pinpointing all of these data points, your business can start to understand where the gaps are in your current digital marketing strategy and how to better service your target audience.

We can unlock a wide range of unique market insights and trends that are pertinent to your business’ industry. By diving deep into your competitive landscape, we can unveil emerging short-term and long-term trends, fluctuations in consumer behavior, and untapped market opportunities your business can get ahead of. We take the time to fully understand your market is and where it’s going, and will never provide a “one size fits all” solution like other analytics companies.

We have the expertise and experience to support your business long after market research has been completed. We provide expert digital marketing services to our clients, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Paid Search, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), Analytics, and Content Creation.

It's time to take your understanding of your business to the next level.

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