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Are you looking to maximize your ROI? Do you need help figuring out how to get the most “bang” for your digital marketing buck?

Our comprehensive Opportunity Analysis service analyzes your website’s current visibility (rankings), traffic, conversions, audience interest, and search volume trends to identify a prioritized list of the highest potential growth opportunities to drive more high-intent visitors. 

The Opportunity Analysis is meant to serve as a roadmap for your digital marketing success. Actionable insights can include optimizing existing pages, UX + CRO improvements, new content strategies, and more.

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Why FourFront?

We utilize our combination of proprietary data and unique talent, including digital marketing gurus, SEO experts, data science and analytics specialists, and report engineers, to leave no stone unturned and unlock your potential.

And we’re here to help you see it through – we’re ready to turn our insights into action to begin improving your digital marketing efforts from Day 1. You’ll have access to all of our experts every step of the way.

Some of our Opportunity Analysis Clients

Empower Your Decision Making with Our Cutting-Edge, Tailored Reports

We take a holistic and customized approach to guide the factors included in our Opportunity Analysis.

Potential elements include:

Opportunity Assessment: An opportunity score graphic showing the potential growth opportunity for each focal point.

Top Competitors Report: A list of top competing brands or organizations around the country and their respective visibility strategies.

• Brand Sentiment Report: A chart showing top brand sentiment factors classified into positive and negative and sorted by frequency.

Brand Interest: A chart showing how strong your brand is relative to its search competitors. This data helps identify how much effort is required for a website to rank for target keywords.

Focal Point Interest Trend: Focal points (a defined topic/service offering/product) sorted by search demand. This identifies focal points that are growing or declining in interest.

Focal Point Performance Data: Search engine referral trends, search volume trends, and (if available) conversion data for respective focal points.

Regional Visibility Report: A search ranking report showing website visibility for highly relevant target keywords in the top US metro regions.

Superior Results That Make a Difference

Our success is your success. Our Opportunity Analysis is meant to provide you with not just data and insights – but a detailed action plan for success. We’ll work with your team to define and measure your success to ensure your business keeps moving forward.

Opportunity Analysis FAQs

An Opportunity Analysis is essential to any business’ marketing efforts. Our Opportunity Analysis ensures that your digital marketing efforts are effective and efficient. We make sure that you’re getting the best ROI for your digital marketing spend – both in dollars and effort.

Every business should conduct an Opportunity Analysis. It’s important to understand not only where to focus and prioritize but also what ROI you can expect from your efforts and spending.

At FourFront, we’re constantly building. We don’t settle for complacency. That’s why we’re continually developing new tools, new reports, and new capabilities for our clients. We combine our proprietary, award-winning tools and data capabilities with our team of in-house experts to produce your Opportunity Analysis.

We don’t deliver reports – we deliver roadmaps. Our Opportunity Analysis includes a summary of our findings and an action plan (e.g. content strategy, CRO strategy, etc.) for how to make the most of your digital marketing budget.

About FourFront

FourFront is an award-winning digital marketing agency that specializes in digital visibility and data analytics. We have been a leading provider of digital marketing services and have built custom solutions for our clients since 2010. Our multi-talented team consists of digital marketing specialists, SEO experts, data engineers, and innovative thinkers to provide creative, impactful strategies for clients in all industries.

FourFront was founded in 2010 on the principle of innovation. Our CEO, Bob Scavilla, combined his marketing acumen and programming expertise to reverse engineer Google search engine results, and we’ve been providing client solutions ever since. We’ve grown to serve clients all over the world. We have been recognized via awards such as the Drexel Lebow Analytics 50 Award, and we are certified as Google and Bing Partners.

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